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how to sharpen hair clippers


If your hair trimmer is just not trimming your hair effectively when you finish oiling those cutting blades, well the cutting blades may be non sharpened. While you begin using very dull hair clippers to cut your hair, it can pull on the head of hair, and uneven, jagged lines might be remaining during even the most accurately accomplished hair cut.

While the cutting blades rub up versus each other the blades hone the cutting edge, so Hair clippers are typically specially designed to sharpen themselves. However, to enable the auto-sharpening effect has entire effect, your razor blade should be often oiled & wiped down.

Utilize the following step-by-step cleaning method to protect & pamper your cutting blades then you'll be able to retain your own haircut looking sharpened.


It could be pretty important to know what exactly is causing your clippers to become non sharpened before you set out the procedure to sharpen the cutting blades. Oftentimes, people have simply just not oiled their clippers. It's also quite possible that the clippers are lying around unused and thus started to have corrosion. If either one of the issues is actually contributing factors, go on and take away the couple of screws that are holding that stationary cutting blade in place. Remove the trimming head. Next, fill one small bowl by using isopropyl alcohol, and drop the components in. You should make sure each single separate part needs to be offered a really good rubdown, and also all gunk must be wiped away.


The next thing is to carefully wash every cutting blades to successfully get rid of rust along with any hair that might have been trapped between these cutting blades. A small bit of stainless steel wool or a tooth brush tends to be ample for this purpose. These trimming surface areas will be damaged by nearly anything coarser and / or far more harsh and this may result in gaps leaving sharpening hard.


Hone your cutting blade via the sharpening stone.  Briskly rub the sharp edge in one single direction towards the stone, just simply the way you’d sharpen a knife. You can merely carry out only a few swipes against that stone since a lot of hair clippers are made to sharpen themselves and also after the hair trimmers are thoroughly clean, the clippers could do the job better.


A big amount of machine oil ought to be given to the metal. Reattach your outside cutting blade. Next turn your hair trimmer on and allow the clipper to move for a minimum of five minutes. To guarantee the appropriate sharpening behavior happens, it will be recommended to adjust the space amongst the cutting blades and also to set your clipper's electrical power. This should sharpen your cutting blades.

Well-maintained Hair clippers not just make a much better hair style but they are as well pretty hygienic, so it will be definitely worth your effort to maintain clippers sharpened & fully clean. Try it in action and after that you will probably discover that the clipper is as nice as brand new.